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Bonaventure Comics Art Studio is an extension to the graphic novel business started in back in 2013 by Deacon Andrew Thomas. Deacon Andy has written, illustrated, and published four graphic novels that are Christian and of the Catholic Faith.


Keeping the artistic space a holy and acceptable place of artistic intellectual development is of the utmost importance. For this reason, the following is strictly prohibited during classes and studio hours:


1.) Any fantasy content that is problematically related to the occult, new age, any excessively


2.) Any excessively violent including gory content 


3.) Any promiscuous to pornographic content 


4.) Any content that exults vice and denigrates virtue 


5.) Any content that promotes alcoholism and/or drug usage 


6.) Any content that is contrary or furthermore denigrates the Christian and Catholic Faith

Artists will be expected to behave virtuously willingly accepting with respect instruction from teachers. The art studio is similar to a classroom in that entering into Bonaventure Comics Art Studio is a privilege allowed by the instructor, not a right. The instructor has a moral right to discipline appropriately when necessary.

Cell phone usage is prohibited during art classes and studio time unless the instructor indicates otherwise. Artists must respect the supplies of others in the studio, and not borrow or take anything that does not belong to them without permission. Any media that contradicts or denigrates the Christian/Catholic Faith is strictly prohibited.

Ear buds, and/or headphones are strictly prohibited during art classes and studio time. Classical music and/or Christian hymn music may be played by the instructor during art classes and/or studio time at the instructor's discretion. Overall, the highest artistic concentration usually takes place within an atmosphere of silence.

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